Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pillows of Hope

Cozy pillows help calm children who are faced with fearful situations and can bring them comfort

My goal is to see that each child receives a cozy, comfy, fun pillowcase to have of their own during their hospital stay at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

You can help bring hope to a child by:

     · Making pillowcases, donate your sewing skills (we need a lot!)
     · Donating fabric (see requirements below)
     · Be a Sponsor (takes approx. $7.00 to make 1 pillow case)

     - 7/8 yd fabric for body, 3/8 yd contrast for band (pre -washed)
     · 100% cotton fabric for summer pillowcases 
     · 100% cotton flannel for winter pillowcases
     · NO FLEECE 
     · No embellishments, ribbons, paints, or vinyl
     · French Seams (instructions will be provided)

My Inspiration to help:

Becca was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) in October 2008, when she was just two years old. Her two-year plus treatment protocol was grueling, but Becca's strength and the support of so many wonderful people have brought her family through it. She finished chemotherapy treatments in December 2010, was in remission, and her prognosis was great. Sadly Becca was just diagnosed with a new type of leukemia (AML) on April 3 of 2012.

Mail completed pillowcases, fabric or donations to:

Pillows of Hope – Katie Dickert
7852 Camargo Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45243
Arrangements can be made to pick up if local

Follow our progress on:

Questions? email

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